Saturday, March 24, 2012

Virtual Pinboard

Most of you have heard of Pinterest.... if you haven't, you've either been living under a rock (I will always think of the Geico commercial now when that phrase is uttered), or you have an actual life that doesn't consist of being online several hours a day.

I have a life, but much of mine is spent online.  Hence, this blog.

Being on line a lot translates to - I eventually came across the virtual pinboard, Pinterest.  I love Pinterest.

Since discovering the internet in high school, I have spent countless hours researching and connecting.  Pinterest brings both of these wonderful things together.  Before when researching, I would either write things down, bookmark them, or try to remember... which never works, because I have the worst memory ever (and it keeps getting worse as I age... and I'm only 30 at the moment, so that's a little scary!).  Now that I have Pinterest, I don't have to rely on memory to remember sites, or even to remember that I bookmarked them (or where I put the piece of paper that I wrote them down on, which also saves paper, and I'm all about Green!).  Now all I have to do is log on to my Pinterest account and look through my bookmarks.  I feel like the site was created for me (never mind that I'm about two years behind the unveiling).

One of the biggest things I pin is recipes, which makes sense, as I have been collecting recipes since I moved in with my Dad and started cooking for myself.  Which is in no offense to my Dad - he just didn't keep a house stocked with food, and as befitting a woman in her early 20's, while my Pop provided shelter, I took care of myself in all other aspects.  But I digress.....  Being able to pin a recipe to one place is so revolutionary for my being.  I try to live my life as paperless as possible, and if I don't have to print something out, and can reference the recipe on my phone - PERFECT!

With that being said, my Recipe Board on Pinterest has gotten very large.  I have pinned hundreds of different recipes.  As I look through it, I find myself thinking.... Will I ever make all of these??

At the time of this writing, I have exactly 365 recipes pinned.  My analytical mind immediately thought well, there are 365 days in a normal year.... maybe I should make an effort to make one recipe out of my board a day.  Then I started thinking  well back up a second, a lot of these recipes only I will eat, and some of the earlier ones are not vegetarian, so I won't eat them anyway.  Which led me to the latest thought, and the purpose of this blog.

Once I get to 400 recipes, which should take care of the ones I have that focus on meat, I am going to make one recipe - maybe two, depending - a week from my Pinterest board.  I'm going to write a blog entry for as many as I deem worthy (meaning, for as many as I make that I actually have the motivation to post on).  My husband is actually going to be home this weekend on both days (yay!), so tomorrow we're planning a trip to Whole Foods, where I can get some good, wholesome ingredients to start my Pinterest Recipe Board journey.

I raise an imaginary glass of wine (Girl's Night with my bestie was tonight, so the wine has already been drank) to my latest project!

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