Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Personal Vibration

What is "personal vibration"?

Those in the spiritual community are already familiar with this term.  I admit I am very novice... what IS personal vibration?  I have heard it used so often, yet I do not know what it actually is.  But I have a guess, so tonight's topic will be to explore what this means.....

I believe that the term "personal vibration" is the same as your personal energy.  When you are happy, laughing, and smiling, how does your energy feel?  Amazing, right?  You feel like you could conquer any task.... Kids driving you nuts?  Pets zapping your patience?  Bills and financial burden mounding?  Mid-term at school making you feel like you could cry?  Neighbors loud, obnoxious music driving you to insanity?  When your energy is at the level that is when you are happiest, none of that matters.  You "know" by whatever means - through intuition, God, Buddha, a "feeling" - that you will overcome it.  That is when your "personal vibration" or your energy is at it's highest.

Maybe the example of being happy and laughing isn't quite working for you... how about after a great workout?  The endorphins are pumping, your blood is rushing, even the air around you smells amazing and electrified....  or how about, well, after a loving encounter with your spouse or partner?  You feel released and at peace.  These are the moments when your energy/vibration is at it's highest point.  These are the moments when nothing else matters, because you KNOW that you are an amazing being, who can overcome any odds.

This is how I envision what "personal vibration" means.  And since everything - e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g - is made of energy, including the Earth and all that it encompasses - but let's not limit ourselves, the UNIVERSE is made up of energy, and all IT encompasses - everything has a vibration level.  That being said, everything you encounter you interact with on an energetic level.  I imagine that most of this is unseen/un-felt on human terms, but those that are more sensitive (I'm thinking animal but humans are also capable) can and do perceive these fluctuations.

So, why does all this matter?  Who the heck cares about this "hippie" energy crap anyway?

Well, reflect back on the examples I proposed earlier, and how when your energy/vibration is at its highest, you feel the best.  Imagine living your whole life this way, in every waking moment?  How amazing would that be?  Now, we are only human, and no matter your philosophical or religious outlook, you know that we will have bad days.  But the thing to remember, I think, is that on those bad days and dark moments, we need to do all we can to raise our vibrational levels, in order to be at peace again, and to help us remember that these are only emotions.... the events that take place in our lives are catalysts, but ultimately we are responsible for how we react.  Think back upon those moments in life that make you happy, and you will raise your vibrational level, which in turn will help you overcome what you are facing.

And remember, if ever the obstacle seems to be too high or too hard, ask your guides, angels, God, Spaghetti Monster - whatever you label the beings who are part of us and separate from us - for help.  Pray, if you need (which also raises vibrations... another entry for another day).  But KNOW that you CAN overcome, it may take time, but you CAN overcome, and you are never, ever, alone.

*** As I claimed, I am very new to all of this, and welcome advice, clarifications, and your own musings on the topic.... please feel free to comment! ***


  1. I LOVE your last sentence about overcoming things. Your writing is absolutely amazing and you need to definitely keep writing!

    1. I just read this quote today, Nothing is impossible for within impossible is "I'm-possible"!!!!