Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A journey worth taking...

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"Life is all about the journey."  How often have we all heard that phrase?  How often do we truly examine it?

When you get right down to the bottom of it, the fact is none of us will ever truly know what happens when our lives extinguish on this Earth.  We have ideas and beliefs that have been formed by spiritual faith or scientific reasoning, but not one person on this Earth can tell you with absolute certainty that THIS is what happens when you die.  We exist in this moment, at this time, and that is a truth we can all agree on.  And so, taking out what eventually will happen to our spirit when our bodies have ceased, what are we left with?  We are left with the Here and Now.  We are left with the Journey.

When people are met with the phrase "it's all about the journey," it's most often after reflecting upon the meaning of life.  If you think back to the fact that we are existing now, at this very moment, the journey being the meaning of life is absolutely true.

How can we best enjoy it then?  How can we get the most out of it?  Explore, grow, and evolve.  Sometimes we can choose the way we do these things....  And other times, the Universe (God, Nature, forces, etc.) will choose what we need.

Our journeys are unique for us.  No two paths are exactly the same.  Some of us have partnered up with another, and while we may be experiencing the same events at the same time, what we learn from them and why we are going through them are completely different from one another.  The same is true for our children.  We may bring them into this world, but we are only the nurturer and the conduit for showing them the universal values they will build upon as they grow older and begin their journey in earnest. 

We also need to remember this when we start thinking that we wish our lives were more like this or that person's.  We cannot allow ourselves to think that way, because their journey is unique to them, and they are experiencing whatever they are for their own reasons.  It does not concern you, because you have your own journey with your own unique chances to explore, grow, and evolve, that are tailored specifically for you.

Sometimes our journey takes us places that we do not want to be, or has us experience things that are heart-wrenching and horrifying.  Some things to remember during those times are that they are happening to you for a reason, and it’s not necessarily as punishment.  Someone once told me that sometimes we experience things not for ourselves but for others, meaning that we go through certain things to help another in some way.  Also remember that every experience we live through truly does make us that much stronger, that much more knowledgeable, and that much more evolved.  For the times when we look back at the choices we made and wish we would have done things differently, know that what decision you ultimately made was the right decision.  It’s natural for us to reflect and question; our human nature makes us sentimental and quizzical.  But leave it at that…  You are HERE because you are meant to be. And if HERE isn’t somewhere you want to be, if NOW is a time that is truly testing your strength, your will, your faith, remember these things above…  You will come out stronger, you will come out evolved, and maybe you will be helping someone in ways you never imagined.

Take a moment to bring your awareness in to the moment, right now.  Take a few natural breaths in and out, listen to the sounds around you, smell the air, feel what you are resting on.  The fact that you are able to do that is not something to take for granted.  We may be faced in life with paths we don’t want to go down, or experiences that make us feel helpless, but remember that they all go away, and when they do, you’ll always feel empowered.  Life is an amazing gift, and our journeys are always worth taking, even when the roads are rough and overgrown.

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