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As you may have gathered, I am a writer, and if I'm going to be writing about something, especially an introduction on me, I don't like to be constrained or limited, and 1200 characters just isn't enough space! ;-)

Like I mentioned in my "Welcoming" post, I like to describe myself as a down-to-earth girl with my heart in the clouds.  I understand that we need to be grounded and rooted in the here and now, but at the same time we also must allow ourselves to connect with the unseen, which I will go into more at a later time.  I'm extremely passionate about animals, all of them, any kind (yes this includes insects, arachnids and reptiles), and while I am compassionate and sensitive to the needs of people, I honestly love animals more than humans, and am not ashamed of that.  There are enough people in the world who focus their time and energy towards other humans, but there aren't as many people who will take that amount of love and respect to animals.  I am one such. 

I am intuitive and empathetic, and developing these abilities is a daily goal.  I have always held the belief that I am clairsentient, which is the ability to feel the emotions of others.  Last year I found myself being pulled back to developing my spiritual side, after taking an almost 5 year hiatus, and look forward to posting musings into that part of my life.

At the beginning of 2012 I became a vegetarian (well, probably should label myself a pescetarian, as I do still eat shrimp and fish occasionally), which was long in the making. I am focusing a lot of my energy on becoming healthier through not only diet but by exercise. I expect a lot of posts to be about my experiences as I manage this lifestyle change.

My love of animals and the environment is very strong, while I have always been active in advocacy of both, this year I have vowed to take a step further by greening my home as much as I can, and purchasing products that are not only animal cruelty free but vegan and organic, where possible.  I look forward to sharing my research and reviews of products that I find.

And finally, I am a paranormal investigator belonging to the group Paranormal Anomaly Research Society, which I formed with my Dad and my sisters. We investigate claims of paranormal activity with intent to document what happens at a location, and to clarify if that activity is paranormal or completely normal.

Stormy Sunset - Plano, Illinois - March 2012

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