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Have we met?

Soul Mates…. Romantic, timeless, enduring…. Many of us feel we were destined to be with our life partners, a bond forged somewhere beyond time.

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Did you know that a soul mate is much, much more encompassing than a romantic link?  You can and do have many soul mates in your life, because a soul mate is simply another soul that you are linked to.  These links are forged deep, and sometimes manifest as a romantic connection, other times friendship, sometimes deep love, and sometimes… well.  Sometimes the connection doesn’t start off as the most welcome.

It goes without saying that the topic of soul mates rests with some faith that there is a beyond.  The spiritual paths that we walk are deeply personal, and whichever one we land on is the one that we – for whatever reason – were meant to be on.  If the idea of soul mates resonates with you, then you’ll continue reading on.  I only ask that you keep an open Heart and Mind. 

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It is almost certain that in life you have met people that strike certain internal chords.  Most of us have had the experience of meeting someone for the first time, and feeling that we’ve known them for years.  Some of us have met someone that we feel and almost instantaneous dislike for, for no rational reason known.  With some people we may find ourselves revisiting the same issues, over and over and over again…

Have you ever wondered why?  There is a reason behind it that has nothing to do with coincidence…

Before we are born into this physical world, we existed as something else – a consciousness, a mass of energy, a soul – and wherever it is that we existed, we were not alone.  We were with other souls too, many other souls.  Some people describe this as a “soul group;” a gathering of different energies.  Each of these energies together forms another piece to the larger whole – the Universe, the Source of All.

When it came time to be born into this density and this planet as humans, we came through with specific souls from our group…. Our soul mates.  Every person that has taught us life lessons, broke our heart, healed a deep emotional pain, shared a quiet night under the stars just being…   We planned it. With the help of our friends from the higher densities, we planned all of these encounters, meetings and situations, to help us grow as individuals and ultimately as a whole.  Even deeper still, some of the circumstances we find ourselves in were actually planned in collaboration to help others learn or grow on a soul level.

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Take a moment to look at all the people in your life, the ones who have made some impact, good or bad, and ask yourself – why are we here together?  Are we just partners on the journey?  Am I to learn something from this person?  Are they to learn something from me?  Are we together to settle a Karmic unbalance?

When doing past life readings and meditations, many of us will discover that our family members, friends and significant others were with us in these other lives.  It surprises people to learn that in a past life their Mother was actually their daughter or sister, or their father was their brother, or their significant other was a family member… how we incarnate together depends on what the aim is for that particular life.

In a recent past life of mine, one of my older sisters was a best friend of mine.  We were the same age, only I was slightly older.  We lived together in an orphanage that experienced a terrible fire.  I am not exactly sure if we survived; I believe she did but I did not.  I likely passed saving her (today, I have an extreme phobia of house fires… I am absolutely terrified by the thought).  I find it interesting that we incarnated together in this life as sisters, she being older.  All of my sisters have been second Mothers to me, considering just how much younger I am from them, but there has always been just a slightly deeper level of protection between her and I. 

My husband and I have also been together for several lifetimes.  I knew it the moment I really looked into his eyes the first time.  You just know.  We are old souls together, perhaps on our last hurrah here on the Earthly plane.  I joke with my sister’s often that I only came back this time because they talked me into it, and the only way I would come is if D agreed to come too.

Until we do it again ~

If you find yourself unable to let go of someone who is otherwise toxic for you, or if you find yourself getting into the same unhealthy situations with someone, chances are there is a past life unbalance tying you together.  This is where it would be supremely beneficial for you to look into your past lives for insight into what is drawing you together and how to break the ties.  If you don’t learn it in this life, you’ll likely keep repeating it in future ones.

However you go about it, either meditating on your own or with the assistance of an Intuitive Guide, keep a journal to detail your experiences, or to write down any seemingly random, memory, sensation, or epiphany. I have found that once an intention is made (learning about past lives or why we are with certain people), the doorways open and things come to us at the strangest times.

Happy Epiphanies! 

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I can personally recommend Susan from Justice For Your Soul.  Susan is an experienced guide who uses a guided meditation method to put your mind in a trancelike state in order to make it easier for you to tap otherwise locked areas of memory.  For distance work, or for those who have trouble meditating (even with a great guide) she also offers a Tarot form of reading.

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