Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recommended Veggie Dish: Mexican Lasagna

"Mexican" and "Lasagna".  When I first saw those two words forming a vegetarian recipe I thought I was seeing things.  Who ever would have thought that someone combined my two favorite things into a meatless entree?

I was skeptical at first.  I just didn't think that Mexican and Italian flavors could ever happily marry.  But, a couple weeks ago I was struggling to find a dinner to make and happened upon this one on my Pinterest board.  I casually brought it up one night to my husband, thinking he would side with me and immediately brush it off as crazy.  When he piped back that it not only sounded good but that the combination was intriguing, put my bandanna on and declared the challenge accepted.

I mean, really... when faced with this picture, how could you not?
Picture and Recipe from Annie's Eats blog - http://annies-eats.com

This was most definitely a successful dinner.  Tonight was actually the second time in a couple weeks that I've made it.  It's so easy to put together - for this nights rendezvous I seeded and diced up a jalapeno pepper and it took about 20min total to chop, dice, mix and layer.  I was singing while I put everything together and in between my mash up of Enya songs I accidentally put in too much cumin.  I stopped dead, suddenly remembering something I'd heard before about how too much cumin could kill a dish... but then I concluded that since I'd added the jalapeno it would counter the cumin.  I have no idea if that logic even makes sense, but the end result was most definitely not killed.

I put it in the oven for 40min, then another 5min with the foil removed, but you could probably get my with less time.  I didn't use a lot of cheese this time in it either and it was still very good.  Dave also had the idea to use some green salsa as a condiment with it and that added a flavorful touch.

So go on - try it, I dare you!  You'll be happily surprised!!  My other favorite aspect of this dish is its one that is even more delicious the next day, after the flavors have had a chance to meld together.

Now I just need to get the courage to try my recipe for Vegan Enchilada Casserole...  It's basically the same concept, yet the farfalle pasta instead of lasagna noodles is really throwing me for a loop...

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